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Sunday, February 28, 2016


It’s almost time to dig out your gardening gloves and tools to prepare for spring planting. Whether you’re a beginner gardener or someone who’s been at it for years,  tips always help to make gardening easier.

  • Place egg shells around the bottoms of plants to add calcium to the soil. The shells also discourage pests and small bugs.
  • Garden markers can help you easily identify what’s planted where.

  • Make your spring gardening chores easier with a DIY watering can made from a half gallon plastic milk jug. Heat a strong needle and poke holes through the plastic cap. It’s a nice size for watering seedlings and small plants.

  • Start your seeds in eggshells. By starting your seeds instead of buying plants that have already begun to grow, you can cut your gardening costs.

  • Plastic forks inserted stem side down into the ground can help keep little critters (like bunnies) away from small plants. 

  • Epson Salt! Because it is rich n magnesium ad sulfate, it is great for plants. a) You can mix it into your soil to help seeds germinate better. b) You can mix a couple of Tablespoons into your watering can once or twice a month. c) Tomatoes and peppers benefit the most because they both tend to grow well in a magnesium rich soil.
  • Save veggie cooking water. Let it cool, and then use it to fertilize your garden.
  • Not everyone has the skills, tools, materials, or time to make a raised wooden garden bed. How about a cinder block bed?

and http://www.listotic.com/20-insanely-clever-gardening-tips-and-ideas/8/

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